september 28, 2015

This is Camilla Knutsen. I got to know her when I started to work as a reseptionist at Trondheim Kunstmuseum. Camilla paints. Every day. Situated in her own livingroom, she grabs her brushes and transfers the dreamy universe she carries around to paper. She has already been exhibiting quite a bit, and on wednesday she'll show some of her newest works at Kunstkantina. 

Me: What are you planning to show on wednesday?
Camilla: Acryl and pencil on paper....starry skies and mountains.
Me: These motifs seam to be pervasive in your paintings, can you tell us about that choice?
Camilla: I work in the same landscape almost all of the time. Or, in the same universe, would be a better description as planets are a big part of it. It is a story. A time, a place. This universe is my starting point. And when I get stuck in the process or get too self-critical, it's very important to return to this land/globe/outer space which might, or might not be a parallel to our own world.
Me: How are you working right now, materially?
Camilla: I'm using a lot of paper. I cut, glue, draw and paint. In a sketchbook I make something new every week. And I have also just started folding my own books. I still feel like a beginner though, and get aha experiences all the time. At the moment I'm attending a course held by Nirmal Duhnsi at Heimdal Kunstforening where I'm learning a lot about techniques and the use of material.
Me: What inspires you?
Camilla: Space, science, religion and everything around me.

Find Camilla's istagram here, and her blog here. Go follow!

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