oktober 19, 2015

So we packed our best wine glasses and took a late flight to Helsinki (or Helsingfors if you prefer). We were going to display our photographic work at an artist run space called Third Space. The Nordic Baltic Mobility Programme has been generous enough to support our small exhibition, and feeling rich and on top of the world we wanted to share what we had received. We made an open invite on facebook for two dinners at our Airbnb rented home. The consequence was that we spent the two first days in the cold Finnish capital running from one store to another shopping like crazy people (Stockmann is the place - we soon were to find out). We had put together two menus for our stay, one vegan and one vegetarian. The vegan was Asian inspired and consisted of Vietnamese springrolls, a fresh pomelo salad and a cale curry served with red rice. For dessert we had a raw chocolate mousse made out of bananas, avocados, nutbutter and cocoa waiting in the fridge. Our guests were all happy with the courses and we stayed up all night talking with them about food, art, culture and you name it. 

The second day we were a bit dizzy after only a couple of hours in bed, but still we managed to both meet with our curator Sepideh Rahaa and to do some more food shopping. For the second evening in a row we spent hours in our little Kallio kitchen chopping and sweating. This time we had baked butternut squash with chevre as a starter, then a tomato/lemon salad and brusselsprout rissotto. For dessert we repeated the healthy mousse, only this time it was decorated with edible flowers. Later the same night we danced.

As our opening was set on a monday, we hadn't really expected a lot of guests to come. But still, if you count all the happy eaters who felt they owed us a visit in the gallery,  many people came and it felt good to raise our glasses in the tradition of vernissage. And even if we were pretty exhausted after finnishing all of our chores, some beautiful strangers took us out to drink champagne at a hotel skybar, then to sing karaoke at a trashy joint as a contrast. It was perfect! 

Now, back home in Trondheim with a bag full of licorice, we miss our new friends. Luckily we have a calendar filled with Kunstkantina dinners to take our minds from it.

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