oktober 26, 2015

Tomorrow night we are screening The Bedridden Triptych made by Deniz Eroglu at Rake Work Community. Deniz is truly an interesting person, always occupied by something new. Through this little interview you can all get to know him a bit.

Me: Where are you currently living/working?
Deniz: At the moment I'm in Berlin, but I'm about to move to Amsterdam. I'm working at a place called Glasmanufaktur Harzkristal where an unusually talented and experienced  glassblower has his base. He is very helpful and generous with his skills and right now we are working on a large tapestry in glass inspired by a Turkish carpet my father had hanging on the wall when I was growing up. Getting to Harzkristal is quite a hassle though. Even if it's located only 200 km outside of berlin, it takes about 5 hours by train.

Me: Who are the persons we get to meet in your three films?
Deniz: They are all a bunch of poor souls, each in their own way. Although they might not agree on that description themselves.

Me: After the screening you have chosen open faced rye sandwiches with potatoes and green pea mousse as a snack for the guests. What made you chose this Danish inspired dish?
Deniz: Actually I suggested steaks, potatoes, brown sauce and peas to create a symbiosis between the work and the minds of the audience, as this is what the characters are being served in each of the three films. But, since a lot of people don't care for this kind of traditional working class food, we have modernized the dish a bit, and now it's better suited for contemporary palates.

Me: Have you recently seen a film that made an impression on you?
Deniz: A couple of days ago I saw Once Upon a Time in the West by Sergio Leone for the first time. It made quite an impression on me. It’s a bit too dramatic here and there, and the story is rather baroque, but the images…. Leone's sense of cinematic imagery is remarkable. Mesmerizing compositions in cinemascope. But perhaps what struck me the most was Henry Fonda's blue eyes (I didn’t know such intense blue eyes existed!) staring into Charles Bronson's green rubins, just when they’re about to draw their pistols in the desert.
Pure cinema! And I whispered the word 'masterpiece' to myself as one of them fell in the dust... 

Well, we're looking so much forward to spending an hour in the dark with your films, Deniz. Thank you for participating!

Peace and love

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