november 03, 2015

Last Friday Øyunn Hustveit showed some of her beautiful and subtile works at Kunstkantina. The event took place in the bright and classy rooms of Trondhjems Kunstforening making the perfect frame for a evening in the name of food and art. After seeing Øyunn's work we wanted to know more about it, we mailed her some questions and here is what she replied:

Where are you living / working at the moment? 
I live and work in Trondheim, where I have a studio space at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder.

Can you tell us about your interest in the landscape as a motif?
For me, the main thing is that it represents something that is far away, something that you only look at from a distance. From an aesthetically point of view this interests me, because even though the the motive is something very distant, the materials that make up this image are still very present and tactile. I like to experiment with how much you can limit your means and still create something complex. The horizon is a good base in that way. It's really just a line, but we still read it as an illusion of a three dimensional space because that's what our minds want it to be. The way that we depict landscape in our culture is also something I find interesting, because I think it says something about how we view nature. We enjoy looking at it from a distance, but we are thankful that we don't really have to be a part of it.

Would you say that the works you showed at Kunstkantina last Friday are typical for your art practice?
Yes, I'm very consistant. Mainly because I'm not very imaginative. I usually just do the same thing over and over again until something accidentally happens and forces me to do something different. But also it's typical in the sense that it's made for a specific space, which is something I like to do. Of course, it also reflects a lot of the topics I generally have been interested in throughout my artistic practise, such as positive/negative space, absence/presence, or the two dimensional image as a three dimensional object.

You have exhibited once before at Kunstkantina, do you have any thoughs concerning showing art at this kind of "alternative" space?
I'm usually very picky about where I show my work, partially because I don't want things to be red out of context, but also because so many of my works are so minimal and quite sensitive to their surroundings. I would't be very comfortable showing my work in a café for example, because you don't want your work reduced to just filling a decorative purpose. But at an event like Kunstkantina it's a bit different. The work becomes a part of creating an atmosphere for people's total experience, and therefore somehow feels more meaningful. 

And finally, what have recently inspired you?
I never really understood the term inspiration, and I'm not sure if I have ever been inspired. I just work, and sometimes interesting things happen. Sometimes they don't. But the discoveries I make during the process often feels quite rewarding, so maybe simply the act of creating something is what inspire me.

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