november 19, 2015

The day before Halloween Kunstkantina hosted a five course dinner at Trondhjems Kunstforening and with us we had quite a bunch of artworkers: Inge Coenraads and Ben Connell was both chefs, Martien Suikerbuijk provided us with sound and Øyunn Hustveit had a small exhibition
The base of the menu was the keywords "vegetarian, ecological, seasonal and local". Other important elements in the planning had been "health, sustainability, simplicity and attention". The vegetables, dairy and eggs came from the organic farm Kvittem Gård. The seaweed season is over so Inge was happy to discover Frøya Tare, and the rest of the ingridients were picked out from Etikken, Helios and Trondheim Mathall.

The creation went like this:
Sourdough bread with fermented carrot and red pepper
Clear vegetable stock with fresh veggies
Seaweed burger with spirulina bread and wasabi mayo
Pumkin gnocchi with wild mushrooms and blueberries
Sticky toffee/date pudding with caramel and chai custard

As all of this took some time and demanded some effort Inge was thrilled to share the tasks with Ben. Actually, back in the day, Ben used to work as a pastery chef, so the dessert was his main task. He even created a bonus in shape of a cinnamon biscotti to go with an extremly good coffee from the local roastery Jacobsen & Svart. Being a pro Ben also took responsibility for organizing the temporary kitchen station, making sure everything was mise en place.

As mentioned before, sound was an ingridient as well that october evening. And as a welcome Martien had collected songs from dinner scenes in movies. His primary protagonist was the theme song (Phillip Sarde) of La Grand Bouffet, which is quite an obscure film about gluttony/hyperconsumerism and the relation to fetished desires. Some other songs included Laurence Welk's Tea for Two from American Beauty and Satie's Gymnopédie No.1 from the radically shot film My Dinner with Andre. But the sound during the actually eating part of the event was a composition of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) sounds. The reason why Martien composed these sounds for us is that he find simularities between the ASMR community and Kunstkantina's ways of stimulating and caring for the other. Besides that he also wanted to experiment with creating a complimentary constallation of food and sound. It was a complete process he brought into the kitchen where he collaborated with Inge and Ben on coming up with a menu that focused on accents and equilibrium. 

As you might understand from reading this we had a blast doing a special edition of a Kunstkantina dinner. Now we're taking a short break from cooking to do some accounting, but see you in January when we will be back with a new years cleanse.


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